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Juni Kasthall carpet

Juni Kasthall carpet

Tappeto Karl Kasthall

Tappeto Karl Kasthall


Kaktus Kasthall carpet

Nowadays, when it comes to choosing furnishings, we are increasingly aware that these elements seem to belong more to the past than to the present. This is because all objects are enveloped in an inperceptible dimension that, to human eyes, triggers a reaction.

The Kaktus carpet by Kasthall is a cheerful and lively product. The fantasy, needless to say, echoes wittily drawn cacti. The material used to make it is perfectly divided between wool and linen. As for the colour of the Kasthall Kaktus Carpet, it is obviously green with all its nuances. Available in two different sizes: 170x240cm or 200x300cm.

To furnish a room so that it becomes an integral part of our days, we need sensitivity and empathy between the person furnishing it and the space that surrounds it, where we need to study the proportions to perfection and where to place certain furnishing objects.

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