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raj gallotti e radice

Table Raj Gallotti and Radice

col gallotti e radice

Yol Gallotti and Radice table

Gallotti e Radice

Yan Gallotti and Radice table

Yan is the design table created by the artists Gabriele and Oscar Buratti for the Italian brand GALLOTTI & RADICE, a company that has always been at the forefront of the use of crystal in furniture. In this furnishing accessory, crystal moves as a protagonist in the discovery of new geometries that give all the perception of the three-dimensionality of space.

The dimensions of the transparent top, square or rectangular in shape, range from the most common, making it suitable for use in living and dining areas in the home, to the larger dimensions typical of conference tables in contract settings.

The real masterpiece of the Yan table by GALLOTTI & RADICE are the bases: two or three, depending on the size of the table, monumental blocks of wood covered with crystal and back-painted with a gloss or satin finish, to be chosen from the wide assortment of colours in the sample book. Even stronger special effects can be achieved by choosing a mirrored, natural or 'Italian grey' glass finish.

In fact, the particular shape of these plinths, which resembles the facets of a diamond, lends itself perfectly to the play of light and images reflected on the large mirror surfaces and enhances the perception of spaciousness.

For those who wish, there is a further option: bases in white, black or Umbrian grey lacquered wood only.

Available sizes:
180 x 180 x 74h 200 x 110 x 74h 220 x 110 x 74h 240 x 110 x 74h 260 x 120 x 74h 280 x 120 x 74h 300 x 120 x 74h 320 x 120 x 74h

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