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poltroncina 0417 gallotti e radice

Armchair 0417 Gallotti and Radice

First Gallotti and Radice armchair

First Gallotti and Radice armchair

Gallotti e Radice

Cloud Gallotti and Radice armchair

The Cloud armchair from the Italian company Gallotti&Radice was created in collaboration with the fantastic hands of designer Massimo Castagna. Regal, distinctive, an unusual but magnetic shape: this is how I like to describe the Cloud armchair.

The Gallotti&Radice armchair of the same name is made of non-deformable polyurethane foam and an internal wooden frame. Comfortable and cosy, the Cloud armchair will make you feel, as the name suggests, like you're on a cloud. Available upholstered in velvet, leather or suede in the various colours of the sample book, the armchair of the same name gives you the possibility to indulge yourself with the colour and material of a shape that is already iconic and truly refined.

Let yourself be enraptured by the beauty and comfort of the Cloud armchair and you will be able to say that you own a unique piece of furniture made with the highest craftsmanship and respect for the material. Cloud is class, uniqueness and personality for an object that reflects its buyer. Whether in the living room, contract or office space, the Cloud armchair will find no difficulty in setting up and will immediately take its place at the centre of attention. An armchair that is impossible not to envy.

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