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Let's start with what we are not: - We are not Leaders.

We are a company that knows how much, working in a pleasant environment can affect productivity; corporate. Thanks to the experience gained over the years we will be able to advise you in the best possible way how to manage the spaces available, building together a tailor-made project, according to your needs. - We do not sell simple pieces of furniture. We do not limit ourselves to the supply of chairs, desks, wardrobes .. but we provide real 360-degree solutions.

Certainly our strength lies in the design and study of every single environment, providing both the furniture for the office and every attached detail: from the study of the flooring to the finishes of walls and ceilings, from lighting to soundproofing systems. - We are not a company that abandons the customer.

Every single project is; even a small part of us, which changes and updates over the years. For this you can always rely on us to make changes of all kinds, whether they concern the furniture, or advice on how to renew your context.

How we work

Analysis of the needs:
in any project, companies need to create both functional and enjoyable spaces, each having different characteristics based on type of work, number of people, property specifications, and any other variable existing in the workplace. Everyone needs someone guiding them in finding the right solution.

Study of the spaces:
thanks to the supplied layouts, we can research the best solutions for any type of location, maximizing space and making each context functional for its purpose.

at this stage we carefully select the shades for the space, the light sources and consider whether to include windows or not: natural light may enhance or lessen the interior design of the office; that is why we aim to study the direction of light sources according to working hours.

deliver the project together with schemes and photorealistic images that can help the client visualize the new spaces and the collocation of each object.

the assembly of the furniture is only carried out by the company’s specialized team, who can ensure a swift and meticulous job.

After-sale service:
every product is subject to warranties that vary according to its typology and usage. Moreover, we will always be available for any modifications or updates that may be needed throughout the years.

Value added

Specialised personnel:
thanks to the experience of our team in charge of the office world, we can follow the customer throughout the whole decision and planning process.

We deliver a turkey project:
we understand how much our clients are busy with their job. That is why we carefully evaluate the needs in advance to better cooperate and make sure the final consumer only invests the right amount of time on the project.

Home living products:
being retailers of home furniture, we can combine technical products meant for the office with furniture that is specific to home living. We aim at making the workplace a less serious space, inserting products with high aesthetic impact.

Custom-made products:
thanks to the collaboration with trustworthy artisans, we can fabricate customized items that are able to meet the expectations of every company; we conceive, design, and manufacture unique pieces for our customers.

Worlwide delivery:
thanks to our partners’ logistic network, we are capable of delivering our products all over the world.

Mondini Essere Casa is a business reality that was born in the ‘50s. History is our best promise.

Areas of realization

Entrance Hall/Reception:
the furniture placed in this area should be welcoming. Giving the right importance to the image of this space is essential, and so is creating registration areas to provide discretion to the customers, if needed.

Operational administrative offices:
furniture should be mainly of technical and operational usage, and special attention must be given to the wiring of the workstations, to the need for filing documents and, if needed, to receive users. Operational furniture comprises pieces that are primarily essential and functional. Desks are fundamental for carrying out one’s job, that is why these items are manufactured with low-maintenance, long-lasting materials. Single, double, or quadruple workstations can be created by using a modular system combining tops, legs, and chest of drawers. Our collections, all of which are entirely customizable, have a multi-purpose function: they may serve as workstations, welcoming areas or communal service areas, both indoors and outdoors.

Executive offices:
we offer a complete desk and table collection to furnish executive offices. We recommend wooden and leather tops, which are particularly thick, or glass, aluminum, and Corian tops, which are slenderer and suitable for those who prefer a minimalist style. Tables have a fine visual impact and can convey a sense of solidity, technology, attention to detail, all while performing their primary function. We offer executive desks, meeting tables, gathering tables that are able to merge work with life.

Waiting areas:
if waiting areas are needed, great importance should be given to seating, which should be individual, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to maintain. The same applies to hangers, umbrella stands, and bins.

Filing and space division:
companies usually experience difficulties filing paperwork, as dedicated rooms are not always present. Equipping the offices with spacious closets with hinged or sliding doors is therefore essential.

Conference room:
this space for communication should be furnished with comfortable seating, padded chairs, chairs with writing board, a speakers’ table, and should be also equipped with digital appliances and video conference facilities.

big companies usually equip one space with the basic amenities for a small kitchen, where employees can enjoy short breaks and store and consume their modest meals.

Changing room or special materials lockers:
medical facilities need locker rooms, where the staff can separate clean from dirty materials and store cleaning products and disinfectants.

Outdoor and indoor curtains:
curtains can harmonize a space too. Outdoor curtains can reduce greenhouse heating and indoor curtains help decrease solar radiation.

furniture is able to make a space harmonious, and this atmosphere may be enhanced by using the right decorations.

everyone knows oversized and packed spaces can be particularly annoying. Wall coverings, curtains, ceiling hanging panels in sound-absorbing materials can help ease this problem.

Indoor and outdoor communication:
such diversified functional spaces need a suitable communication system aiding users to easily find their destination.

Urban furniture:
indoor and outdoor spaces should communicate with each other; the user should be able to perceive that every detail concerning the facility has been taken care of even before stepping inside.

Accessories and complements:
complementary accessories include many objects such as hangers, bins, umbrella stands, ashtrays, technical mats, and customized doormats.