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Our Services

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Designing interior spaces is not only our job, but also our greatest passion, hence we go beyond the mere service of selecting the products to offer you.

If you are searching for something more, something able to ensure you exceptional results, then feel free to contact us: a team of experts is at your disposal.

To us, designing means giving voice to creativity and turning your ideas into reality.

Delivery & Installation

We offer three types of delivery options, so that our customers may choose the one that suits them best based on their needs and the type of purchased products:

  • STANDARD STREET-LEVEL DELIVERY: The standard delivery is suitable for small objects which are not too bulky or heavy. It may also be useful for ground floor flats that are easily accessible.
  • DELIVERY TO A SPECIFIED FLOOR: This type of delivery is suitable for those kinds of objects that cannot be handled by a single person. Our specialized personnel deliver your products inside your house, placing them in the specific spot you want and dispose of unwanted packaging.
  • DELIVERY AND ASSEMBLY: This more comprehensive service is suitable for those products requiring a complex assembly. Our operators deliver the purchased products, install them, and potentially test all the movable parts.

Worldwide Delivery

Thanks to our partners' logistic network, we are able to deliver our products all over the world with Fast delivery service by air or Standard delivery by sea.

After-Sales Service

Each product benefits from warranties based on typology and usage.

When you purchase a product from Mondini Arredamenti, you know you can count on thorough after-sales services.

Our relationship with customers only begins with the purchase and continues throughout after-sale service, which represents one of the cornerstones of our company. Indeed, we maintain a special relationship with our clients over the years.

Mondini customer service is always available to answer to the questions you may have.


We offer our clients subsidized loans or zero percent financing based on the time of the year.

Their duration is customizable so that clients may choose the one that suits them best.

Mondini Price Promise

True design should be accessible to anyone. We would like our customers to feel confident when purchasing a product or a service from us. Transparency is a key feature of our company; hence we have embraced MONDINI PRICE PROMISE, which represents a commitment to our clients. MONDINI PRICE PROMISE is applicable under these premises:

  • The product reported by the client is the same as the one we have (same brand/same dimensions/same colors);
  • The product is new, it is not on sale or discontinued;
  • The client reports a clear and true reference to the competitor’s price (via link of the product);
  • The total price (any potential delivery costs included) is lower than ours.

If you find a lower price on another website, tell us: we improve it. Inform us by email at [email protected], otherwise contact us at +39 0376 590104 to learn more about MONDINI PRICE PROMISE.