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Since 1950, the most suitable furnishings solutions for your home needs

Mondini Arredamenti in Suzzara, in the province of Mantua, offers you the chance to get the advice of an interior designer who can help you find the best furnishing solutions for your home, suggesting valuable pairings and exploring the possibilities for furnishing your spaces with you.  

Our history


Mondini is founded and the artisan activity of manufacturing furniture and door and window frames for the building industry begins.

In un piccolo laboratorio a S.Silvestro alle porte della città di Mantova nasce l’attività artigianale di falegname per volontà del Capostipite Emilio supportato dalla Moglie Gina. All’inizio l’attività si concentra sulla produzione di serramenti per l’edilizia e la costruzione di mobili. 

The business gradually begins selling Italian-made furniture, while continuing the carpentry business at the same time. The historic headquarters gets larger and the first public sales spaces with targeted settings are created, and Emilio's three sons, Fabio, Sandro and Luca, join the company.


The new store

In 1986 a big step forward is taken with the purchase of a large structure located in Suzzara on the Cisa State Road, which is also in the province of Mantua, called the "Salone del Mobile." The facility was established in the 1950s and holds the record as one of the largest areas dedicated to furniture sales.


Mondini's new workshop and headquarters are born

In 1990 the headquarters undergoes a radical and thorough transformation, first by building a carpentry shop and a warehouse in the rear, then by renovating the facade, for which an innovative architectural language is employed, along with advanced materials and technologies, and by adding a garden and a parking lot to the facility.


Mondini headquarters expansion and new outdoor spaces

The rear part of the building is further expanded with the inclusion of an additional space dedicated to the sale of bathroom furniture and the current administrative/logistics and foreign sales offices, which overlook another interior garden that allows breathing space for all sales areas, creating unique interior decor backdrops.



The single-brand Scavolini Store

Thanks to the opening of a facility dedicated to kitchen furniture, a single-brand Scavolini Store in Porto Mantovano in Mantua of about 600 meters with 2 architects and 1 interior designer trained and educated in the Mondini spirit, in 2012 the bond with the most important reality in the kitchen furniture sector is consolidated, because of the desire to offer specialized services and products for the most important room of the house.




In 2018 a new chapter targeting a wider audience begins, one that coincides with the inclusion of the third generation represented by Nicolò, Fabio’s son, and Asia, Sandro’s daughter (the latter only for a short period, because she will then leave the company for new challenges). Thanks to the new assets, the local and national market is strengthened and new opportunities in Europe and in the whole world open up because of a new way of selling with online services.


We export to every country in the world

Today MONDINI employs more than 30 people in different departments, and thanks to online sales and new ways of communicating it targets not only a local but also an international audience. It has become one of the first active furniture companies in the local and national areas and exports to all countries of the world, offering the designs of the best manufacturers and integrated services for those who are looking for Made in Italy design. It can provide tailored solutions for residential, work and public spaces alike, always taking care of the customer and expanding with the inclusion of new family players such as Matteo, son of the third-born Luca, and young design enthusiasts, who fulfill and enrich Emilio and Gina’s dream.


I servizi Mondini

Fine choices, attention to detail, well-thought-out finishes are the direct result of our striving for improvement and research to fulfill all our customers’ expectations.

Our team

Our team

The Mondini team will provide you with a team of furniture professionals able to give you all-round support and advice.

Come see us in the store

Come see us in the store

For you who are looking for furniture for your home, Mondini Arredamenti in Suzzara, in the province of Mantua, puts an interior decorator at your disposal to best advise you on the solutions and furnishings that best suit your needs, to offer you the best combinations, to study with you the possibilities of furnishing your home.