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tavolino cookies gallotti e radice

cookies Gallotti and Radice coffee table

tavolino square gallotti e radice

square Gallotti and Radice coffee table

Gallotti e Radice

gong Gallotti and Radice coffee table

The Gong coffee table by the Italian company Gallotti&Radice sums up the key points of their philosophy: research, traditional craftsmanship, material, elegance.

The round Gong coffee table, available in three different sizes, is characterised first of all by the special combination of two materials: wood for the top and gold leaf for the base; but also, as far as the top is concerned, by the exclusive handwork available in the "Autumn Wawe" or "Carbon Black" version. The Autumn Wawe version is warm and familiar, while the Carbon Black version is strong and striking, with its dark colour providing a splendid contrast with the gold leaf on the base.

The Gong coffee table is perfect for a single use, but it immediately comes to mind also for a composition given the variety of sizes available for this particular article. The Gong coffee table bears the signature of the Italian company Gallotti&Radice, a signature clearly visible in the uniqueness of the piece given by the hand-crafting, in the study and love of materials such as gold leaf and wood and in the simplicity that distinguishes this piece of furniture, simplicity here translated into elegance. From the living room, to the office space, and even to a contract dedicated to the public, the Gong coffee table will be remembered and will give class, elegance and sophistication to your environments. Owning a Gallotti&Radice piece of furniture means owning a piece that is literally unique in the world, sought after and refined.

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