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label gallotti e radice

Mirror Label Gallotti and Radice

niagara gallotti e radice

Niagara Gallotti and Radice mirror

Gallotti e Radice

Leaf mirror Gallotti and Radice

Leaf by GALLOTTI & RADICE is a refined system of mirrors which, through the possibility of juxtaposing various shapes, succeeds in transforming the perception of coldness transmitted by the crystal into a whirlwind of exciting and iridescent plays of reflected light.

The Leaf mirrors can also be ordered individually, but their beauty lies in the possibility of combining the 6 triangular shapes with rounded corners in the two predefined compositions and in the adjustability of these reflective surfaces to suit your environment.

The mirrors in Leaf by GALLOTTI & RADICE are all of discreet size and hand bevelled in extralight or Italian grey, and then applied to panels of the same shape.

Each supporting structure that holds three of the adjustable panels is made up of a chrome-plated or burnished metal arch. The final result achieved by Gallotti and Radice with Leaf is to create an extraordinary decorative element with mirrors resembling leaves to be placed in the most important spaces of your home and which will be admired by everyone.

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