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consolle air desk gallotti e radice

Air Desk Console Gallotti and Radice

consolle tama gallotti e radice

Tama Gallotti and Radice console table

Gallotti e Radice

Dolm Gallotti and Radice console table

The Dolm console table from the Italian company Gallotti&Radice was designed by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, long established designers with many prestigious awards behind them.

The Dolm console table is simple and sharp, designed by straight lines that cut into the space around them, creating a sharp and captivating geometry. Dolm by Gallotti&Radice is made of 10mm crystal, back-painted in the colours of the sample collection, beautiful in the black tone in which the crystal brings out its best side, creating games of transparencies and shadows, sophisticated, delicate, provocative. Beautiful detail of the legs pointed inwards. The Dolm console table is available in three different sizes to perfectly suit the customer's needs and space requirements.

The Dolm console table by the Italian company Gallotti&Radice gives free rein to our preferences by offering a wide range of finishes to make this beautiful piece of furniture truly personal. It will subtly complement small spaces such as a narrow hall at the entrance to a home or office, an intimate corner in a room by giving a fantastic light that will visually seem to enlarge this space. The Dolm console table by Gallotti&Radice will easily adapt to all styles and environments in which it will become the undisputed queen.

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