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eyl gallotti e radice

Eyl Gallotti and Radice table

oto gallotti e radice

Oto Gallotti and Radice table

Gallotti e Radice

Haumea Gallotti and Radice table

Haumea T is part of a collection of tables and coffee tables created by the designer Massimo Castagna for the GALLOTTI & RADICE brand. They have different heights and surfaces, but are all characterised by a distinct refinement. Haumea T by GALLOTTI & RADICE is a medium to large round table.

Haumea T's extralight transparent tempered glass top is available in three sizes and features a removable round polished brass tray that has the same diameter as the table's only pedestal and serves as a practical emptying plate, object holder or simple ornamental decoration.

The large cylindrical base in open-pore black or rust lacquered wood that supports the Haumea T table is positioned so as to be misaligned with the centre of the table for a refined and perfectly successful aesthetic effect. The top band of this column is made of polished brass, hand burnished, copper plated or black chrome metal.

Haumea T by GALLOTTI & RADICE is a perfect furnishing accessory for those who want to enrich their living area with elegance and preciousness with a table that will not go unnoticed and will arouse the admiration of your guests.

The combination with other furnishings from the same manufacturer, such as the Bolle pendant lamp or the Niagara mirror, further enhances the beauty of Haumea T and will create an ambience that not only dazzles you with the gleam of the metal parts and the crystal, but is also somewhere between sculptural and luxurious.

Available sizes Haumea-T Massimo Castagna Description Table with 15mm transparent tempered glass top. Wooden base lacquered in black open pore or rust. Metal parts in polished brass, hand-burnished, copper-plated or black chrome-plated. Removable tray.

Dimensions Cm Ø 150 x 74h.
Ø 160 x 74h.
Ø 180 x 74h.
Ø 150 x 65h. Lounge Ø 160 x 65h. Lounge Ø 180 x 65h. Lounge

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