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lampada da parete glo penta

Glo Penta wall lamp

Gallotti e Radice

Ori Gallotti and Radice wall lamp

The Ori wall lamp, or apllique, by Gallotti&Radice is the result of close collaboration with the ingenious hands of designer Massimo Castagna. The simplicity and elegance of this piece of furniture has not been slow to catch on, earning it a place at the most important design events in Milan and Shanghai.

The Ori wall lamp by Gallotti&Radice is characterised by a single brass plate folded at the sides to create a sort of oyster, a house in which light can dwell quietly. A slight slit is left in the fold of the brass plate, which creates an exciting play of light visible from the front. The plate, the main component of the Oris lamp, is made with a satin finish on the outside and polished on the inside to reflect the light and give it a greater range of illumination.

The Oris lamp by Gallotti&Radice with its shapes and lines is perfect designed for single use as well as for a composition of luminous elements. Ori is for the buyer who desires elegance and simplicity made under the sign of the highest craftsmanship and care for an object that is first and foremost classy. The Ori wall lamp is perfect for the living room, contract and even for office spaces or outfitting, the lamp of the same name will illuminate your most cherished rooms with its warm, material light, leaving all your guests with a thread of envy.

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