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sole gallotti e radice

Gallotti and Radice Sun Mirror

zeiss gallotti e radice

Zeiss Gallotti and Radice mirror

Gallotti e Radice

Zed Gallotti and Radice mirror

Zed by GALLOTTI & RADICE is a freestanding mirror, designed by contemporary designer Riccardo Bello Dias and characterised by an elegant, long, light and functional design. The structure of the Zed mirror by GALLOTTI & RADICE is made of metal, skilfully bent and stove-enamelled in Umbrian grey.

The large reflective surface of the Zed mirror consists of an extra-light mirror of exceptional workmanship that enhances the fidelity of the reflected images. This mirror is designed to be used as an impromptu piece of furniture in any room of the house, office or hotel. But don't forget that it is in guest reception areas and bedrooms that GALLOTTI & RADICE's Zed mirror finds its ideal location, where it is able to perform at its best.

You can place it wherever you want and then easily move it countless times without any effort to always have it where you find it most useful for your needs.

-30 x 39 x 175h

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